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Where can I get DEVIL products? Can I buy directly from the Factory location?

You can order your DEVIL product directly to your closest DEVIL reseller or contact the distributor in charge of your country. Our retailer’s network is at your disposal to advise you, resell you the parts, but also offer you set up and maintenance of your DEVIL material with the best expertise possible. You can find theses information on or contact our sales team, at your disposal per phone +33 475 847 490 from Monday to Friday 8h30-12h / 13h30-17h15, or per email at

What is the price of a DEVIL Exhaust system?

Price in the website is the worldwide official DEVIL retail price. Theses prices are without VAT and are the same applied per our resellers in all European countries without any extra. Because of several VAT levels in European countries the prices are presented without the VAT. Your dealer will apply you the recommended price plus your local VAT. For countries that have a distributor, in Europe the retail price is the official one of DEVIL plus your local VAT, of course cost of transport for distant countries can be calculated and included in the retail price your distributor offers.

How long will it take to receive my DEVIL product when ordered to the local DEVIL reseller or distributor?

If your DEVIL reseller has the part on stock you will get it immediately. If the store has to place the order to our factory for the reference of your choice, it takes between 48 to 96 hours for us to proceed and ship the material. If the system of your choice is no available or that the production of it is in progress, the delivery time can be postponed, but in any of theses cases our dealers and distributors keep you informed about potential delays.

I already have a DEVIL rear silencer and would like to buy only the connecting pipe, is it possible?

It will depend of the year of your machine: if your bike has been produced before 2006, please contact our sales team then we will check if a technical solution can be found. If your bike has been produced after 2006, we are sorry, but sets of DEVIL systems are sold only in one single reference and cannot be spitted.

Technical questions

How much performance improvement can I expect by purchasing a DEVIL exhaust system? How much weight do I save?

The savings with regards to weight are really large, and most of the time the DEVIL systems are about 30 to 50% lighter than the original parts. About Power gain and torque with basic tuning of the motor, we offer a sensible gain, but it’s very hard to give a common rate. Any machine is different, and DEVIL engineering targets the best for each development. Our goal is to give sensible improvement that can be felt at the throttle, and not few horse powers at the cliff of the RPM power curve, that no ones use for street bikes. Of course for our Racing systems, the Racing replica, all our know- how and 40 years of experience allow to produce very strong performance gains, to answer the expectations of the most willing racers.

Is the sound of a carbon sleeve muffler different from a titanium or Stainless steel sleeve muffler? Is there any influences on performance?

No, the sleeve component does not affect the sound of the exhaust. It’s a question of design, aesthetic to please your taste.

For SPRINTER carbon silencers dedicated to MX, the Carbon is recommended to the 250cc engines, and for the 450cc that generated very high temperatures at the exhaust, we recommend to choose Titanium sleeves. Carbon is possible for 450cc, but be aware that very strict and very regular maintenance is required to keep the performances of the muffler, noise level, and carbon safe.

Once the DEVIL exhaust system has been bought, do I have to make a new mapping of the control unit or engine adjustments in the motorcycle?

The DEVIL exhaust systems are designed to function properly using the stock settings of the engine (carburettor or electronic fuel injection) set-ups. This means that no changes to the stock set-ups are required to use the DEVIL Exhaust system you have installed on your machine. The development and engineering of our exhaust systems are done from stock machines, of course if you have already or project to add additional performance parts such like air filter, EFI management or other, adapted settings may be required to find the perfect combination.

To answer to the performance upgrade demands, DEVIL offers “performance sets” that include products of Rapid bike range, that are specially designed and developed to fit perfectly the DEVIL exhaust systems and bring your machine complete performance pack.

NB: RAPID BIKE products are considered as « Racing parts » and the use of it is dedicated to racing activities. DEVIL SAS is not responsible of the use of theses racing parts for street use, or any damage on engine linked to the settings and use of theses products.

What to do with motorcycles that have exhaust valves, EX-UP ?

When the original exhaust system is dismounted, it’s necessary to remove the cables from the Servo engine, BUT do not disconnect this electronic part. We provide specific kit to avoid any alarm to the control units.

My motorcycle is equipped with a lambda probe branch pipe. What will happen if I assemble a muffler of yours?

First always wait that the exhaust is cold.

For mufflers do not use aggressive chemical products. Soft cloth and soft cleaner product such like car shampoo are good for carbon sleeve. On metallic sleeves like Titanium or brushed stainless multi purpose lubricant (like WD40) is perfect. On shiny stainless steel soft cloth and polishing product with degreaser is adapted. High pressure or steam cleaning is not recommended, do not use it.

Exhaust system as any other mechanical part of your machine; check regularly the bolts tightened, and that the exhaust doesn’t touch the cowling or other part of the bike. Recheck the adjustments to insure your safety.

More performance means more noise?

No, more performance doesn’t mean louder exhaust. In anyway a DEVIL sounds different than the original exhaust system: deep tone typical of our brand for 44 years is our signature. For years we have developed our know-how directly from heart of the competition, and we are able to provide you performance gain with nice tone, and respecting the EC rules. Of course the removable Baffle allow you to enjoy a noise more racing, but by doing this you assume that the canister becomes non street legal. You can combine more performance and quiet sound level by choosing the adequate baffle size, and of course KS FILTER and Rapid bike additional performance parts to enjoy your ride again better!!

I want a very short canister, is it possible?

Current trend and fashion on street bikes are very short canisters, with the MotoGP replica design of the Megaphone used in this category. On this very high level of competition, noise is not a criteria, only weight sparing is the goal which explains so short and loud exhaust systems. On street bikes, if such design can be appreciated, it cannot answer the rules of noise and very often we observe that it’s not good for performances. Our philosophy is to offer the best performance improvement, and the best of racing design, but contrary to some of our competitors, and strong of 44 years of experience, we prefer true performance to design!

We engineer, develop and design our products to fit the use, best performance gain dedicated to each specific machine. We advise our customers against assembly or adjustment on models wich are not dedicated to. Otherwise the warranty and type approval, specific for every motorcycle model, will not apply.