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DOUBLE SPRINTER Motorcycle Exhaust System - Carbon

DEVIL DOUBLE SPRINTER motorcycle exhaust bikes exhausts

DEVIL SPRINTER is designed for TOP GUN category of Off Road competition. DEVIL SPRINTER Full systems exclusively are the ultimate step to enter factory performance level: Headers, Connexion pipe, muffler structure are 100% Titanium for drastic weight eradication. DEVIL SPRINTER is available with Titanium sleeves and for 250cc series we offer unique alternative on the market, Reinforced carbon sleeve to make machine lighter and optimize manoeuvrability during jumps. Amazing power gain, fast maintenance, high resistance, DEVIL SPRINTER is factory material: what you get on your bike is what our best riders have. 2007 World champion Cross Mx2 category, and multiple European champion in 250/450cc class, DEVIL SPRINTER is the best for most willing competitors.

DEVIL SPRINTER is also Supermoto twin full systems the most powerful and successful in all world. AMA 2009 Champion with S.BIDARD on factory Husqvarna, our DEVIL SPRINTER is the ultimate Supermoto exhaust part. Want to win races? Get DEVIL TWIN SPRINTER.